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  What is Email Validation and how to do it correctly?

 Email Validation is, of course, a Process of verifying an email address to confirm its validity and existence.

You have made great efforts in collecting email addresses using different ways. And you sent an important email to the vast contact list. But you just came to know that most of the contacts were not even valid. Maybe some of them aren’t correctly formatted. 

What is the solution?

"Email Validation"

Email Validation is the process of verifying an email address to confirm its validity and existence.

It also ensures that the email address is deliverable and has a reliable Domain such as Gmail.

You have collected email addresses and run an email campaign without email Validation. You’ll get hard bounces for invalid email addresses. And the existing email recipients will get their emails.

Hard bounces impair your sender’s reputation, and a poor reputation means decreased email deliverability. So even if some email addresses exist, you’ll not be able to deliver the email to their inboxes. And that may be a big problem for an entire email marketing team. 

 So, first of all, you must Validate your email list before running any campaign.

Here are some reasons to Validate the email list.

·       Decrease hard bounces

·         Avoid risky email addresses

·         Improve primary inbox deliverability

·         Get to know the accurate marketing data

·         Boost your reputation

·         Get rid of spam complaints

·         Stop check-all and temporary accounts

·         Increase the engagement rates

·         Enjoy the low-cost email marketing

And the list goes on.

You don’t need to do the email validation continuously.

Do it only if:

·         You get new recipients added to your list

·         Your bounce rate increases

·         Or you get low open rates


But do it at least once a month, even if nothing terrible happens. Doing the email Validation regularly ensures you have a clean deliverable email list. 

Now that you know the basics of email validation and why you must do it let’s understand how it works.

How Does Email Validation Works.

Email Verification and email Validation are same, but the former is more complex than the latter. Email validation consists of a process of improving your email deliverability.

There are tons of ways of Validating email addresses. 

But generally, you start with spell check; make sure you have not misspelled anything. And then hunt for spam traps.

There are tons of email addresses created to capture senders who aren’t following the best emailing practices. 

ISPs (Internet Services Providers) and ESPs (Email Service Providers) make sure you don’t have those email addresses in your list. Otherwise they’ll block you. 

The next thing you’d like to do is check the format of your email addresses. Ensure you don’t miss any @ symbol in your email contacts. For example, email validation tools or services must catch if an email address is like jeo@jeo@nn. Do the syntax checking properly. 

Also, email validation works like individual mailbox validation. It uses the SMTP protocol to ensure if a mailbox exists for a particular address. 

Let me summarize and create an email Validation checklist for you:

·         Check the Spellings

·         Do the syntax Validation

·         Hunt the disposable email addresses

·         Monitor the DNS behind the contact

·         Ping the email box


Email validation takes a second if it’s done correctly with software or a bunch of codes.

There are tons of Free and Premium Tools to Validate your email list on the go.

However, you can do it manually, which may take a long time.

How to Verify Email Addresses Without Sending Emails

An email address consists of an @ symbol, a dot, and ASCII characters. The first part has private information, and the second one has the domain name in which the email is registered.

Let's have more details here.

The first part of the email address contains:

·         Uppercase and lowercase alphabets like A, b, c, and more. 

·         Special symbols like @, _, – or more. 

·         Full stop, dot, etc. 


The second part of the email address contains:

·         Dots

·         Hyphens

·         Digits

·         Letters


These are the examples of Valid email addresses:

·         sara@outcomeamarketing.com

·         mark@nbc.news.net

·         Mary@hamberg.com


While examples of invalid email addresses include:

·         deniel.me..098@onsite.com (consecutive dots aren’t allowed)

·         nancy@.bbb.com (no domain begins with a dot)

·         Carla()$%^@mylife.com (go for characters, underscore, dash, and digits only)

·         george.luxurylife.com (there must be an @ symbol)

·         myname@abcd.e (.e is an invalid domain name)


If you want to Validate your email list manually, it will take tons of time. You cannot Validate individual email addresses. So use some Validation Tools Service.


 Email Validation Tools and Services.

There are tons of email Validation Tools and Services in the market right now. All of them have different top features. Some validate one piece of information, and some do another.

Here are the top Free email Verification Tools. 


It’s one of the most popular email verifying tools used by companies like TripAdvisor.

ZeroBounce provides multiple verification processes. It does the single and bulk email validation and also provides you with crucial customer data. 

Pricing: ZeroBounce offers monthly 100 email validation for free. If you want to go for more, the pricing starts from $39 to $249 per month. You need to call them for pricing if you want everything unlimited.


It’s one of the most popular email validation tools in the market used by companies like Shopify. According to them, they’ve validated over 5 billion email addresses by now. It does seamless integration with third parties and different file formats. 

Pricing: Usually, EmailListVerify charges $0.004 per email address validation. But they roll out some significant discounts every month. So, don’t forget to check that out.  

H-supertools Free Validation Tool

For using this tool, you need to create an H-Supertools account. You can verify 20 email addresses at one time and 200 email addresses per day. It’s worth it because it helps you do the bulk email validation without spending your fortune. Pricing: The tool is free



Invalid email addresses bring in a bad reputation for your Company or Domain Name. You’ll also waste a lot of time and resources in email marketing because of the high Bounce Rate. So the first thing you need to do after you collect some email addresses is Validated them. 

The process of Validating email addresses is called email Validation. It involves checking the spellings, format, and syntax of your email contacts. And it also includes looking up the DNS or pinging the email box.

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